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  • Assigned Live Project Manager
  • 60-min New Client Onboarding
  • Provide Company Details and Keywords
  • We handle everything for you from there
  • List Your Company w/ the TOP 25 Directories
  • Accurate NAME, ADDRESS, & PHONE
  • Clean Up Any and All INACCURATE Info
  • Remove All Duplicate Listings
  • Optimize & Enhance Your Listing
  • Create NEW Listings Where You Currently Don't Exist
  • Project Completion Report & Spreadsheet
  • 1-year support and updates
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    Easily and Conveniently Done For You
  • Assigned Live Project Manager
  • 60-min New Client Onboarding
  • Provide Company Details and Keywords
  • We handle everything for you from there
  • List Your Company w/ the TOP 40 Directories
  • Accurate NAME, ADDRESS, & PHONE
  • Clean Up Any and All INACCURATE Info
  • Remove All Duplicate Listings
  • Optimize & Enhance Your Listing
  • Create NEW Listings Where You Currently Don't Exist
  • Project Completion Report & Spreadsheet
  • 1-year support and updates
  • Just $799

    If you are a local business owner, you know how important it is to be listed in online directories.

    But, with so many directories out there, it can be difficult to know where to start.

    That's where we come in.

    *this website is not associate with any of the local online directories. 

    Listing your local business with online directories is a great way to get started with Local SEO.

    It's an easy and effective way to create powerful SEO citations for your local business.

    FACT: 79% of customers do research online before visiting a store. With more people turning to the Internet for answers, recommendations, and ideas, it’s no wonder that businesses that have a sizable online presence are the ones that are doing so well these days.

    SOLUTION: The best way business owners are getting in front of customers is by adding their company information to local business directories. There are virtually hundreds of online directories a business can leverage to help gain more exposure.

    IMPORTANT: Local Online Directories rely on a “unique signature” that helps identify that business online and to strengthen local SEO. That signature is called the “N.A.P.” which stands for Name, Address, Phone. It’s also called a “N.A.P.+W.” if a website address is also used.

    Know Your " N. A. P. + W "

    One of the biggest problems local business owners face is inaccurate and inconsistent NAP / NAP+W information in the various places their business is listed online. This negatively impacts your local search ranking and keeps customers from finding you.

    NAME – Use the exact business name that you use on business cards, stationery and signage. Don’t add extra information like taglines, locations, service, legal terms (like LLC or Inc.), etc. And make sure that you always use exactly the same spelling and capitalization.

    ADDRESS –  Use the address of your real-world location, even if you do business at your clients’ locations (like plumbers or landscapers). Don’t use P.O. boxes or cross-streets … and be sure to use a validated street address that is properly formatted. Again, keep everything exactly the same from listing to listing.

    PHONE –  Always use a local phone number for your specific location … this helps validate your local geographic region to the search engines. It’s not recommeneded to use a toll-free, central call center or marketing tracking number.

    WEBSITE – Use the home page of your website (for single location businesses), or the specific page on your website for the location you are listing (for multi-location businesses). Don’t link to social media sites (like Facebook), marketing tracking pages, etc. And make sure to pay attention to whether or not you use www or not … be consistent!

    * From BrightLocal’s InsideLocal Webinar Series

    BENEFITS of Using Our Listing DFY Service

    Boost Local SEO

    With Google’s latest algorithm updates that aim to improve local searches, it’s no secret that the majority of user searches have local intent (examples: “near me”, “closest”, “in [city/town name]”). Local listings will improve organic SEO by building quality links back to your website, in turn improving domain authority.

    More Brand Visibility

    The concept is simple: The more local directories that list your company information, the more users will be exposed to your business. The most popular listing directories have thousands of daily visitors all looking for a business near them, so it’s essential to have a listing to drive traffic to your website and store.

    Improve Reputation

    Many business owners are afraid of listing their business on directory sites in fear of negative reviews. However, this also hinders users from leaving positive reviews online, which can be crucial to building a reputable reputation. Creating listings on review sites can help you better manage both good and bad reviews.

    Increase Online Presence

    Many online directories pull company information from other local listing sources, which means if your business is added to the most prominent listing sites, you will soon see your information on other local directories. This additional local listing snowball effect will, in turn, amplify your online presence.

    Improve On-Site User Discovery

    The most popular local business listing sites — such as Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp — act as mini search engines for users looking for a particular type of business or service. With your accurate business information added to these key directories, more users will be able to discover your brand.

    Dominate The First Page

    Imagine your business taking up more real estate on the first page of a local search. Adding your business information to prominent local listing sites can help you capture more organic spots on the first page of Google. These listing sites with your business information will display alongside your website.

    Online directories are a great way to help local businesses:


    1. Get discovered more often by more people, more easily
    2. Increase foot traffic
    3. Increase phone calls
    4. Build credibility with great reviews
    5. Boost your online presence
    6. Rank higher in Google
    7. Strengthen your business reputation
    8. Improve brand awareness
    9. Boost SEO so more people can find you organically
    10. Most are FREE!


    Trusted by over 10,000 top brands and local businesses

    Did you know?

    15% of local businesses are not listed online, and 53% of those who are have incorrect or missing business information?

    Most businesses have troubles making sure ALL of their listing information is accurate and correct across all of the various online directories.  Our Done-For-You (DFY) Listing and Management Services will ensure this is something that is no longer a challenge for your business.  We will edit, correct, update, and remove duplicates so that your listings are 100% accurate and optimized across over 25 of the TOP Online Directories.

    Add Your Business To The Top Directories

    Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more...!

    Make sure your online business information is visible and accurate when customers search for it online. Simply provide us your business details and our D-F-Y  Done-For-You business listing service will instantly submit your business to the TOP 25 online business directories. After submission we continue to monitor your business listings to ensure that information is synced and protected across multiple directories. This ensures that critical information such as your business website, phone number address and operating hours are available when customers look for them, providing you with a strong professional online presence.

    Your place instantly available for your customers

    With local listings, your business will be visible to users on the go. Get found on any device, anytime.

    Whether you have a physical store address or provide services at your customers’ location, you can guarantee your company will get found easily on the most important directories. Each of our business directory pricing options offers the tools necessary for you to keep track of your listings while still having plenty of time to run your business.

    Our Local Business Listing Services

    When you hire us to DO-IT-FOR-YOU... It's a complete service.

    "STEP 1:
    You are Assigned a Citations Expert and Project Manager

    You will be assigned a real-live project manager to assist you with your Directory Listing Campaign. You will meet with your PM via Zoom.

    "STEP 2:
    60-min New Client Onboarding Zoom Meeting

    Provide your Project Manager with the necessary company information and contact details. This includes any specific keywords you'd like.

    "STEP 3:
    We'll Handle Everything for you - Hands Off - Done-For-You

    Our team of Citation Builders will Update, Fix, Edit, Clean, Add, and Optimize Your Company's with the TOP 25 Online Directories.

    "STEP 4:
    List Your Company with the TOP 25 Directories

    Update your listings with the exact NAME, ADDRESS, and PHONE (NAP) for your company. In addition, we'll optimize your listings for local SEO.

    "STEP 5:

    Clean Up, Edit, Or Remove Inaccurate Listing Data

    We'll ensure that all of your listings NAP information matches and is completely accurate. We will also remove any duplicate listings.

    "STEP 6:

    Create NEW Listings On Directories You're Not Listed With

    We'll ADD a new NAP listing to help you gain more citations on all of the directories that you're not currently listed on. We'll provide account details for you upon completion.

    "STEP 7:

    Project Completion Report and Spreadsheet

    We'll provide a comprehensive spreadsheet report detailing all of the updates, edits, changes, and additions we made for your listings and all of the directories we worked on to ensure project transparency.

    "STEP 8:

    1-Full Year Customer Support and Updates

    You will have access to your project manager for 1 year after we've started in the event any updates, edits or corrections need to be made.

    Complete Transparency

    Reporting made easy

    We provide detailed reporting on your listings, citations, and work tasks we’ve completed for your business listings.

    Explode Your Online Reputation

    Attract More Customers

    Generate more reviews, monitor and respond to them quicker, and turn positive reviews into powerful social proof.

    More Citations = More SEO Exposure

    Grow search visibility

    We will combine powerful citation tracking and citation building tools to uncover issues, reveal opportunities, and start scaling your local search visibility.


    There are many reasons why a small business will want to register with the top directories on the web.

    Directories serve many purposes, such as:

    • Categorizing websites so that they are easily found using search engines.
    • Linking websites to one another for easier access.
    • Increasing traffic to individual websites.
    • Providing an easy way  for consumers to find out about specific companies.
    • Boosting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords and tactics for businesses so that they receive higher SERPs (search engine result pages) rankings. 
    • Helping business websites stand out to potential consumers. 


    General Questions about Directories

    Online directories list businesses based on their niche and location. They provide all important CITATIONS for your business where your business’s name, address, phone number, website address, and location are listed. Some directory listings also allow you to post photos, working hours, and other relevant information.

    The mention of your local business’s name, phone number, and address on any online medium is called a citation. You can add them to web directories, social media platforms, and website applications. Citations are critical for helping improve your online SEO ranking. The more accurate citations your business has, the more of an authority the search engines will assign to your website and the higher your site will rank online.  

    There are virtually thousands of online business directories available on the Internet, but you don’t need to be listed on all of them. Choose a mix of popular local and global web directories. Some prominent international options are Google Business Profiles (formally Google My Business), Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, and Facebook. You can also research some local directories that people frequently use in your area to gain more regional traction. We recommend focusing your energy and efforts on the TOP 25 – 50 Directories that will give you the most SEO boost.

    Directory listings play a vital role in your local SEO strategy. They allow you to achieve better search engine rankings and build trust among your customers. Your presence on these directories will also help you drive targeted traffic to your website.

    1. Local business data platforms: They list businesses on local platforms such as Google Business Profiles (formally known as Google My Business), Facebook, or Acxiom.
    2. Industry-specific platforms: They provide a listing on the websites of your local chamber of commerce or the professional associations’ portal.
    3. Extended web: It includes listing on blog posts, news sites, maps, apps, and government databases.

    The short answer is “YES”!  Directory listings can be time-consuming and tedious. For example, listing on Google My Business involves several steps, including address verification by post. You can do it yourself, however, bear in mind that a significant part of this process is manual. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, hire a professional agency like LocalMarketingU.com to create directory listings for you. Our Done-for-You Service is extremely affordable and we make sure everything is done correctly and accurately.  

    People trust Google more than word-of-mouth these days. Research shows that 91% of people regularly or occasionally read online reviews, and 84% trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Also, 68% of customers form an opinion after reading between one and six online reviews. Therefore, you need to have a presence on Google to boost your business, and directory listing is the first step towards it.

    Our Done-For-You Listing Service Questions

    As soon as you signup, we’ll assign you to one of our Citations Managers and schedule you for your New Client Onboarding Session via Zoom.  During the meeting, we will gather all of the necessary information about your business and then we will begin the MANUAL PROCESS of FIXING and LISTING your business with the TOP online directories.  The entire process generally takes between 4 – 8 weeks and once completed, we’ll provide you with a detailed Spreadsheet report outlining all of the directories we listed you with, your login details, and other project related tasks we’ve completed on your behalf.  After which, we will manage your listings to ensure your citations are accurate and handle any changes or updates as needed for the next 12-months.

    Our ongoing monitoring service ensures your Citations remain accurate and up-to-date on all of the directories.  If any edits, changes, or updates need to be made to any of your listing(s), we will be there to handle it for you.  It’s a complete Done-For-You Service with ongoing support. 

    In short, no since our service is done manually, we will ensure that your business is accurately listed in the top directories and will continue to work for you to get it right.

    We do require a 12-month minimum commitment for our done-for-you service to ensure that all of the directories pick up your citations and list your business properly. Some directories take longer than others and there are situations where your business information needs to be updated with the various directories. After the 12-month term, your account converts to month-to-month and you’re free to cancel at any time.  However, it is recommended to keep our citation management services active to avoid any hassles or issues with your listings at any time in the future,

    No problem. Our ongoing Citations Management services address these issues. Simply provide us with your updated information, and our Citation Management Team will make the necessary updates and edits to all your citations and listings for you.

    We will:

    • MANUALLY (a) Fix/Correct all of your listings with the top 25 – 50 online directories so that your NAP+W information is 100% accurate and correct.
    • REMOVE any DUPLICATE listings so your business will not be penalized by search engines.
    • ADD your business citation listing to any of the directories that you are not currently listed with.
    • Provide ONGOING-MONITORING of your business citations and listings to ensure accuracy. 
    • Make any UPDATES/EDITS/CHANGES to your listings as needed over the course of your service term with us.
    • Provide detailed reports and analysis of our work.

    Yes! Simply use the Coupon Code: DIR300 to instantly enjoy a massive savings of $300 OFF Your service fee. (LIMITED TIME OFFER can expire at any time).